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Louise - 4/22/14 2:45 PM

Happy Easter

Easter started out with a beautiful sunrise that I had the pleasure of watching as it came up.  It continued to be a beautiful day as I played with my husband and children and enjoyed being outside pretty much the entire time.

Louise - 4/20/14 7:25 PM

A Beautiful Evening

Meet Matt and Megan Irwin!  I had the privilege of working at the celebration of their union.  They had a lot of very fun and creative friends and family which made the evening go by in a blur.  I wish them happiness and great fortune in their years to come!

Louise - 3/18/14 10:58 AM

Spring Is Coming

I know it doesn't look it when we look out the window or have to wear our sweaters and coats, but Spring is still coming!  Nothing makes me happier than Spring.  This photo is just the perfect visual of happiness for Spring. 

Louise - 3/5/14 3:26 PM

Live, Laugh, Love

Ever wanted a photo booth at your event but the price is a bit too steep?  Check out Groupon on Feb 9th!

Louise - 2/6/14 12:33 PM

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