M. Stanley Photography

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Springfield's Park Policy

With the new policy that has come out for the parks system in Springfield, MO I wanted to inform all past and future customers that there will be no price change to reflect it.  Unless the fee increases, all prices listed will continue to stay the same as well as the professionalism and quality.

Louise - 7/22/14 1:08 PM

Coming Soon to M. Stanley Photography

A new service will be offered starting in August.  Any guesses?  

Louise - 7/11/14 10:45 AM


With so many changes going on with the studio and soon this site, I thought I'd leave an oldie up.  I was never good with the selfie but was put to a challenge to photograph myself.  This was hard for me because I don't like my own photo being taken.  I'm extremely critical of myself, but with much effort and swallowing all fear I took one.  The photo itself is grainy and blurry (again, was never that great at selfie's) but despite it's flaws, it's me.

Louise - 7/11/14 10:33 AM

Work in progress

The site is going to be changing here during the month to reflect a bit more of what I do.  If you have suggestions of what you would like to see and what could improve the site for you, please send me an email! :)  louise@mstanleyphoto.com

Now I will leave you with a vision of beauty!  

Louise - 6/10/14 2:16 PM

Now Booking

Now booking for events in May, June and July!  Take advantage of this awesome offer today!


Louise - 4/22/14 2:45 PM

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